I finally finished writing my second Bible study entitled Back From Captivity.  It is also a 6 week study about restoring your identity in Christ.  It is written for men and woman of all ages.  It studies the O.T. when the Israelites came back home to Jerusalem after being in Babylon for 70 years where they were exiled.  When they returned to Jerusalem, they came home to rubble.  The wall had been destroyed along with their homes and the sacred temple. The study also focuses on the prodigal who returned home to live in the same house with his Father and older brother.  He came home with a shattered soul, but not hopeless.  In fact, the best is only yet to come for him.  Discovering our true inheritance in Christ is our greatest reward!

Please join me in prayer as my publisher will be viewing the proposal for the study this fall.  Thanks!!

Have you accomplished something lately you thought you never would?