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Hey! I just want to update you on what is happening currently in my life. Not that a lot is going on, I just thought instead of writing a devotional of sorts, I would let you in on where I am on this journey of life. In fact, as I think about it, I’m not sure that I have ever written something about me. Yes, I’ve written my thoughts and a few achievements, but I don’t think much else. Maybe I should write more than what is happening as of Feb.’11.  Nah…I think I will stick to the current.

The Lord has opened the door for me to be a substitute teacher for Broken Arrow Public Schools as well as Summit Christian Academy. I began the school year subbing and have subbed everyday since. I never really saw myself back in the classroom or gym (as I have my P.E. certification), but amazingly I like it. I had envisioned the classroom full of students completely draining me and me not having the skills to maintain an orderly classroom. As both of those are still true, what I hadn’t imagined was the energy and confidence I have gained from the students. They inspire me, make me laugh, make me appreciate my own children, teach me, and give me hope. Since I have enjoyed the classroom so much more than I anticipated, I am currently studying to pass the English certification test coming up in April. This will give me the opportunity to be qualified for more than just a P.E. position in the public or private schools.

Randall House Publishers will be releasing my second Bible study, Back From Captivity, early next month. This study is for men & women college age and older. It is about rebuilding your identity in Christ. I look forward to its release and believe the Lord has ordained it for prodigals who have recently made the journey back to their Heavenly Father. My hopes is that it will be a tool for counselors to use in their counseling sessions.

I would love to write a third book as the Lord leads. My subject I would love to write on is beauty. But, for whatever reason, I am not moved to sit and write the book just yet. Actually, I haven’t moved on from my research from Back From Captivity which concentrated on the book of Jeremiah. I am going back through Jeremiah and reading/studying it in its chronological order and not in the order it is as we see it in the Bible.  The history of the book is truly fascinating. Then, the fact that it relates to God’s people even now, is even more fascinating. Just this morning, I read Jer.6:15, “Are they ashamed of their loathsome conduct? No, they have no shame at all; they do not even know how to blush.” I always hate it when speakers/preachers tell us statistics and realities of the church as it relates to how the church looks like the world. I pray I be one to shine God’s light amidst the darkness and not conform to it.

My girls are doing fabulous. Growing so pretty everyday. We are about to begin a new soccer season where I will be spending my evenings as their chauffeur and juggling to get a nutritious meal on the table. As I write this, it is hard to imagine anyone playing soccer in Broken Arrow. Two days ago we got a record breaking 15 inches of snow! And it is all still on the ground as the high for the past 2 days has been 18 degrees. We have had a lot of family time since the snow and don’t really see an end to it as of yet. 

I do, however, see an end to this post! I will leave you with the truth of God’s Word as it has come alive to me as I gaze out my window onto the massive amounts of snow everywhere. “‘Come now, let us reason together’, says the Lord. ‘Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.'” Isaiah 1:18.

Sometimes I wonder if the “one day” I hope for will ever make it’s way into the present.  I wake up with dreams and passions and hopes… then go through the day with one step in front of the other hoping the pieces of each day make something beautiful and meaningful “one day”.  I believe each day truly is a new day and if I do it courageously, honestly, obediently, and lovingly, something will come of it.  Sure, some days may be a step backward or absolutely nowhere, but if my goal is to be somewhere…I will get there in God’s timing. 

God has ordained our days.  My commitment to Him proves my trust in Him with my life.  Without Jesus in my life, I know I would be one of the most self-centered women on this planet.  I am grateful I live for Jesus Christ.

I got 2 good news’ last week!  2 in one week…amazing.  I can go months and even years with no good news, then get 2 in one week.  I thought it would just be another day of moving forward, not knowing something beautiful really would come of my past days.

I am inspired by the song Forward Motion from Thousand Foot Krutch’s “Welcome to the Masquerade” album.  It says: Let’s keep it moving in a forward motion, If we can hold on, we can cross this ocean, There’s no sense in letting our emotions, Get in the way, until the door keeps closin.  If we sort this out, would we know how to live like we were different, I know we’ve both had some doubts, whether things would come around, And look at us now.

It inspires me to keep moving in a forward motion in my thoughts, actions, beliefs, and words.  As I work toward a particular goal…I am NOT GOING TO GIVE UP!

Okay…my 2 good news’….1. Randall House has decided to publish my second Bible study.  It is called Back From Captivity and is a 6 week study on restoring your identity in Christ.

2. I have been approved from LifeWay to write devotional material.  My first assignment is to write 12 devotionals for the student publication KNOWN .

I continue moving in a forward motion knowing it really does get me somewhere TODAY!

I finally finished writing my second Bible study entitled Back From Captivity.  It is also a 6 week study about restoring your identity in Christ.  It is written for men and woman of all ages.  It studies the O.T. when the Israelites came back home to Jerusalem after being in Babylon for 70 years where they were exiled.  When they returned to Jerusalem, they came home to rubble.  The wall had been destroyed along with their homes and the sacred temple. The study also focuses on the prodigal who returned home to live in the same house with his Father and older brother.  He came home with a shattered soul, but not hopeless.  In fact, the best is only yet to come for him.  Discovering our true inheritance in Christ is our greatest reward!

Please join me in prayer as my publisher will be viewing the proposal for the study this fall.  Thanks!!

Have you accomplished something lately you thought you never would?

Saturday, March 15, starting at 9:00a.m. Arrow Heights is hosting a Bazaar to benefit the organ transplant fund.  This is always a fun day.  So many different booths to visit – I always buy something that you can’t find anywhere else!

I will have my own “booth” as I will be selling autographed copies of my book Royal By Blood for $10.

Right now, you can purchase Royal By Blood 3 different ways: 1. Me  2.  3. Randall

Please join me in prayer that LifeWay, Family Christian Bookstores, and Mardel’s  will put an order in for my book for all their stores.  I have faith to believe that God is already working in this direction!!

Hope to see you tomorrow at the Bazaar!

department_storeOh my goodness!!!  I LOVE  a bargain!  I just have to share about my bargains I found today at Academy.  I went there only because Rich needed to exchange some pants – so that makes it even better – it was a surprise bargain day!  Are you ready to hear about my good deals?!  I got 8 really cute shirts for only $24!!!  Can you believe it?!  They were only $2.88 a piece.  The best thing about them is that some are short sleeves so I don’t have to wait until next fall/winter to wear them! 

Have you found any great bargains lately?  If so, where?  You just have to tell me!

3.2.08_Jennifer_C_Group_001      We had our first discussion of the first chapter of Royal By Blood Sunday night in C groups.  My favorite question was on the second day’s study: “What did you pretend?”  I mentioned in the book that my girls play “next door neighbors” when they use their own rooms as their home and then knock on each others door and ask “Can you play?”  It is a cute activity that they made up.  I enjoyed hearing what the girls in the group played and dressed- up as when they were in elementary school.  The consensus was dressing up as the Disney Princess Jasmine.  One of the girls played “The President’s Daughter” with her sister and a close friend.  What was something you played or pretended as a little girl?

Randall House has featured Royal by Blood on the front of their web site.  Please go and check it out and purchase a couple of cases for your student or college ministry.

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